City-County Building Plaza Design Competition


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Welcome to the City-County Building Plaza Design Competition!

This competition is seeking a final conceptual design that would be implemented on an existing 1.94 acre open space on the City-County Building Property also known as the City-County Building Plaza (CCB Plaza). The design team whose winning design is selected will receive $15,000 (2nd Place – $7,500; 3rd Place – $2,500) and will then be the preferred professional services provider for a full engineering/design contract (upon obtaining available funding) with the Indianapolis-Marion County Building Authority (IMCBA).This competition is a two-stage competition. During the first stage, minimum qualifications from design teams will be requested. The second stage is the design submittal.



Briefing Booklet (PDF) – DOWNLOAD

Information Appendix (PDF) – DOWNLOAD

Qualifications Submittal Document (PDF) – DOWNLOAD

Design Submittal Document (PDF) – DOWNLOAD

Inquiry Responses

Answers to Initial Inquiries (PDF) – DOWNLOAD

Answers to Final Inquiries (PDF) – DOWNLOAD


Addendums 1 & 2 (PDF) – DOWNLOAD

Final Submissions

Jury Report (PDF) – DOWNLOAD


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